The detoxifying mud wrap is a 1.5 hr treatment used for the cleansing and rejuvenation of the skin. A treatment that will leave you feeling deeply rejevenated and connected along with a healthy radiant glow.

The treatment is quite an event which has many stages, each taking you deeper and deeper into a relaxed state.


1) Firstly a remedial/lymphatic drainage massage is completed to sooth away tension and stress locked into muscle tissue. It also releases any built up toxicity throughout the muscular system ready for removal by the lymphatics and skin. This takes around 45 minutes by which time you will feel very relaxed.


2) A specifically designed exfoliation blend is massaged over the body to exfoliate the skin which starts the detoxification process. The blend has a mixture of oils, volcanic ashes and abraisives to draw built up toxins from the body.

3) The body is now ready for the mud formula which is massaged into the skin using lymphatic style movements . The formula is unique to the spa here in Blackheath. It consists of different volcanic ashes, oils and herbal extracts specifically used to draw waste and toxins from the body. You will feel a slight tingling sensation when this happens. The body is then wrapped in cotton sheets and special blankets to further draw impurites from the body.

4) The face is treated whilst you are wrapped up. The formula used is much gentler and has been blended to exfoliate, cleanse and moisturize the face.

5) After the facial, you are left alone in the room for a short time with relaxing music playing softly in the background.

6) You are now unwrapped and the mud washed away using the shower facilities located in the room.

7) Come back into the room after the shower for another more relaxing sensuous style massage to end the treatment.

The Science behind the mud

The mud I use for the detoxification full body mud wrap is actually a natural volcanic ash/deposit, formed at the bottom of the ocean over millennia.  When it is rehydrated ready for use in the treatment, the mud has the ability to produce an electrical charge.  In this natural state the mud has an abundance of negatively charged molecules called "ions".  Most toxins and heavy metals within the body have  positively charged molecules.  This allows the two to bind together easily and stay united whilst the toxin removal process happens.  

The mud essentially seeks toxins in the body to bind with due to it's chemical composition, then it acts like a magnet and sponge absorbing harmful substances so they can be removed from the body.

Research supported benefits of the mud used in the full body detoxification mud wrap

- Good for removing lead and other positively charged heavy metals such as mercury, cadmium and benzone.

- It is a great armpit detoxification.  Conventional deodorants and antiperspirants are absorbed through the skin and after many years of use of these products, a lot of chemical residues build up in the in lymph nodes of the armpits.

Aluminium used in these products clog pores under the arms.  The mud will help pull out these chemicals that have built up.

- The mud's absorbent power can be helpful for treating acne and blackhead breakouts along with oily skin.  It will remove sebum or oil from the skin surface whilst having a calming effect on inflamed outbreaks.

-  The mud has  antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

-  Clears clogged pores.  If pores are clogged, sunscreen doesn't work to it's full effect.


The cost of this 1.5 hour treatment in $180