A facial is a great way to spend 45 minutes here at the Male Spa Blue Mountains.

The whole process is tailored for male skin, leaving it fresh and revived.


1. The procedure starts with a neck, shoulder and facial massage. it's deeply relaxing and starts the whole cleansing process.


2. After the massage, hot towels are applied to the face and neck. This warms the area and brings toxins closer to the surface of the skin.


3. Next, an exfoliant is applied to clear dead skin cells and open your pores ready for the deep cleanse. The exfoliant used is unique to my clinic. It contains herbal oils and abrasives that are really matched to male skin.


4. The deeply cleansing mud is then applied to the face and neck area and left to draw toxins from within the three layers of skin tissue. This takes around 10-15 minutes to work. Whilst laying there. a light foot reflexology treatment is done (if you haven't got ticklish feet).


5. The mud is now cleansed off and a light moisturizer is applied to finish off the treatment.

The cost of the 45 minute treatment is $70